Executive Committee



The NATCO Executive Committee comprises of members drawn from all parts of the country who are elected democratically through an open and systematic election process. The election takes place once every two years.

The Executive Committee consists of a President, a Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer. In addition the country is divided into 5 zones – North, South, East, West and Central – and each zone has two Executive Committee Members who oversee the activities of their zone.

Ms. Arati Gokhale as a Central Coordinator in the Zonal Transplant Coordinator Centre (ZTCC) of Pune.

Ms. Arati Gokhale

Ms. Pallavi Kumar is the Executive Director of the Delhi NCR office of MOHAN Foundation, which she also set up in 2011.

Vice President
Ms. Pallavi Kumar

Ms. Jaya Jairam is the Centre Head and Project Manager at MOHAN Foundation, Mumbai. An engineer, with a post graduation in Finance,

Ms. Jaya Jairam

Ms. Surekha Joshi, a senior transplant coordinator working from Pune since 1997. She has counselled positively more than 125 families for organ donation.

Joint Secretary
Ms. Surekha Joshi

Starting off as a Helpline Executive in MOHAN Foundation in 2016, Siva Shankar has been part of numerous awareness initiatives and training activities.

Mr. Siva Shankar T S

Dr. Hemal Kanvinde is the Quality Assurance Officer of MOHAN Foundation. She has previously worked with non-profits in the areas of livelihood and biodiversity.

Member (South Zone)
Dr. Hemal Kanvinde

Armed with a Bachelors in Physiotherapy and Masters in Hospital Administration, Dr. Bhanu Chandra has been working in the field of organ donation and transplant for over a decade.

Member (South Zone)
Dr. Bhanu Chandra Dharani Pal

Ms. Bhavna Jagwani is a member of the Advisory Committee of MOHAN Foundation and also the State Organ Donation/Transplant Committee member.

Member (North Zone)
Ms. Bhavna Jagwani

Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi began her stint with MOHAN Foundation in 2011 as a Transplant Coordinator and was awarded the Best Transplant Coordinator Award in the year 2013 at the Transplant Coordinators’ Workshop held in Hyderabad.

Member (North Zone)
Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi

Armed with a Masters in Social Work, MBA in Healthcare & Administration and PGDCSR, Mayuri has 12 years of experience in the field of organ donation and transplantation, counselling, fund-raising and CSR activities.

Member (West Zone)
Ms. Mayuri Barge

A senior transplant coordinator, with experience of over 22 years, Vrinda is presently working with Jehangir Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra.

Member (West Zone)
Ms. Vrinda Pusalkar

Ms. Priyanka Borah is a Professional Social Worker from Dergaon, Assam. Determined to provide support to people to bring their desired changes in their lives and the places they live in made her dive into this field in the year 2011.

Member (East Zone)
Ms. Priyanka Borah

Lt. Col. Pioni V is a Senior Transplant Coordinator who was commissioned into the Military Nursing Service in 1996, specialising in critical care and Obstetrics and Gynaecology nursing.

Member (East Zone)
Lt. Col. Pioni V

Mr. Ahsan Ullah Ansari is the Director of Eira Healthcare Private Limited and the Founder Chairman of Eira Foundation, a registered non-profit charitable trust with a vision to serve the community service and promote deceased organ donation in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Member (Central Zone)
Mr. Ahsaan Ullah Ansari

Dr. Amit Joshi presently serves as Officer on Special Duty (Medical Administration) at Bombay Hospital, Indore (M.P). He has successfully coordinated 42 cadaver donations and more than 400 live transplants in Indore.

Member (Central Zone)
Dr. Amit Joshi

14th Annual Conference of NATCO

31st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation, ISOT 2021 Kochi, October 9-10 (Saturday and Sunday)