Patient Support Groups

Patient Support Groups

NATCO facilitates Patient Support Groups for those coping with Organ failure, Transplant recipients and their caregivers.

When patients with similar health conditions talk to one other to vent, share vital information, get advice, receive and provide support to each another, it can significantly help them in coping better with their condition.

TRIOMPH (Transplant Recipients of India and Organ failure patients – a Movement to Provide Hope) is a Patient Support Group launched by MOHAN Foundation, with a mission to improve the quality of life of recipients, organ failure patients and the caregivers, through

  • Patient empowerment and Education – about their options, diet, wellness, experiences
  • Support – to alleviate their anxieties and difficulties, such as -
  • providing discounted lab tests
  • helping with employment needs - Atmanirbhar initiative
  • Awareness – raising public awareness about organ donation
  • Advocacy – representations to government bodies, policymakers, insurance and pharma companies, etc.

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14th Annual Conference of NATCO

31st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation, ISOT 2021 Kochi, October 9-10 (Saturday and Sunday)